The winners list represents the combined winners of the network at which Melina Bingo is hosted. What this means is that when players join our bingo games and the rest of the collection of games offered they join a cumulative pool of players that are directed a bingo hall from a number of online bingo sites that belong to the same network as Melina Bingo. This adds up more players to the network; therefore allowing bigger pots, bigger jackpots and more action and fun inside the bingo halls.

Top 5 Winners of the Day

Player Alias Amount($)
debbie40 3778
bd57se66 3000
sandyc34 2008
GoLadybug 1250


Top 5 Winners of the Week

Player Alias Amount($)
ianpaul35 37500
moebaker 11610
neveah24 5050
linda5055 4015


Top 5 Winners of the Month

Player Alias Amount($)
moebaker 75200
ianpaul35 37500
hairstyler05 30100
jewel7777777 10150
*GINGA* 8000