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Posted on September 30, 2010 by admin

It’s time you met Melina. A working professional, and just-turned-mom. That wouldn’t leave Melina with much time to pursue her own interests you’ll agree. Right? Wrong. Melina’s big heart has a little corner that beats only for bingo, the rhythmic popping of the bingo balls, the daubing of the numbers off the grid, the thrill of hitting the pattern first, and of course, cashing out her wins!

Melina’s scrounged the net for the best sites to pursue her passion. Unfortunately, tall promises turned to taller disappointments! Dull chat rooms, indifferent responses, declined withdrawals….all these left Melina drained, bitter, and disillusioned!

But could a bingo-lover stay away from bingo for long? So, Melina decided to do her own thing. And put together the most entertaining bingo site girls like her could ever dream of melinabingo.com!. Now you share this dream with her. Start off with $20 free money to play. In 4 bingo rooms, that include a free bingo room and a 90-ball bingo room! You’ll love her team of chat hosts so much, you’ll never want to log-off all day. That’s when the 300% first deposit bonus will come in handy! To play, play, and just play! And when you want to cash out your wins, you’ll realize what an efficient and courteous Customer Support team she’s put together!

Welcome to our new website, have fun enjoy your bingo play and moreover always play responsibly.

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