Bingo Babble

So how about a promotion that makes response time valuable; After a player bingo’s, 3 players down the line think of things that are red, white and blue! CM gives each of them 10 seconds to answer. Player to answer first gets 3 BB’s! Player to respond 2nd gets 2 BB’s, and the 3rd response gets 1 BB. Keep alert with the chat and follow your favorite chat master as it might be adding value BB’s that will make your bingo game last longer.

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Bingo Bling

The higher you fly the US Flag, the more you win! In other words, the higher the number you bingo on, more the BBs, other than the $75 jackpot, that is. The higher you fly the US Flag, the more you win! In other words, the higher the number you bingo on, more the BBs, other than the $75 jackpot, that is. There’s $50 guaranteed going every hour from 6 PM to midnight, every day in the USA Room (Special Mixed Room).

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Casino Club

At Melina it’s not only about the bingo we got the whole shebang of casino style promotions for both our slot games and our table games. Join our weekly tourneys for blackjack and slots and earn both cash prizes and additional bonus points to exchange for free game play.

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Deposit Bargains

We know what counts and we have realized what both new and existing players appreciate so we’ve prepared a promo that’s got it all packed up in extra large quantities. From deposit bonuses to cash raffles to prize raffles and bingo bucks at Melina there always something up for grabs for both new and existing players.

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Playing online bingo is a fun and exciting way to pass the time and meet new people. Online bingo sites today are a huge improvement on their predecessors and feature better games, bonuses, specials and promotions than ever before. Online bingo promotions in particular are a great way to expand on the fun of just playing bingo not to mention a pretty profitable feature of bingo sites to boot. Let’s take a look at the different types of promotions one finds on bingo sites today. Most, but not all, promotions hosted by online bingo operators are based on the sites bingo games. These are usually 75 and 90 ball variants and these games are regularly roped in to form the basis of site promotions. These events some times feature cash prizes and others will have anything from household appliances and bonus points to luxury holidays up for grabs. The cash prizes attached to promotional bingo games are usually considerably higher than the regular game jackpots with several of these featuring prizes of £1,000,000. 90 ball promotional games will normally feature the same 3 winner structure as regular games that is to say 3rd place for a single line, 2nd place for two lines and the grand prize win for a full house. 75 ball promotional games typical are played using a special promotion themed patter that players have to bingo on to win and normally only feature one winner. Either way bingo promotions are extremely popular and are usually very well “attended”.

Side Game Promotions

The other common for of promotional event are those that make use of the sites slots, casino and instant win games to determine winners. These are as much fun as the bingo promo’s and although the prizes are usually a little smaller they are usually far more profitable than the regular games. Slots games are usually the most frequently used of the side games with some fantastic prizes on offer. These promotions often take the form of formal tournaments that are very popular with players and can sometimes be played over the course of an entire year. Casino and instant win games seem to feature less in bingo site promotions but are sometimes roped into service and are equally attractive in all respects.

Miscellaneous Promotions

Some bingo promotions have no direct link to any particular game and may be based on deposits made, bonus points collected or even the number of people who are referred to the site by existing members. Bingo site operators are putting a lot off effort into delivering fresh and exciting features and there is no doubt that the industry will see many new and different promotional ideas in the future. This commitment to the quality of the experience for bingo players is a benchmark of the new age of online bingo and bodes well for the overall long-time health of the industry. Each site or company will have its own long standing, established trademark promotions and it is always a good idea to stay up to date with the promotions schedules of the various sites you may play.