Free Bingo

Of all the features on any online bingo site the one that usually tops most players list of favourites has to be free bingo. After all everyone loves a freebie and being able to have a lot of fun and possibly win big on the house is the ultimate give away. Luckily just about every online bingo site out there these days offer some form of free bingo so one can generally be guaranteed of some joy. The real trick, of course, is being able to sniff out the best free bingo action and also to be able to find the freebies when they are disguised a little. The dedicated bargain hunters will tell you that the best deals take leg work to find so be prepared to do some serious scouting around to dig up the goodies. One of the best places to find masses of free play tip are the many free bingo directories that list all the top free play bingo sites. These little gems are sure to make your job a lot easier.

One of the first places one will encounter free bingo action is on sites that offer dedicated free play rooms. There are several sites that offer 24/7 free bingo play and all one has to do is register for membership and go for it. These are, naturally, the cream of the crop and one can play as much as one wishes within the site rules. Welcome no deposit and first deposit bonuses are also great ways of getting some free play in although they are usually subject to site specific restrictions. Then again a free ham ‘n cheese sandwich is better than a $100 steak tartar! Most sites also offer top up or re-deposit bonuses which are good ongoing sources of free play and should be taken advantage of.

Many free play opportunities come in the not so obvious guise of loyalty program rewards, bonus points and promotional prizes or features. Once you start to get a feel for free play hunting you can dig these out like a seasoned truffle hog and no free bingo opportunity will be safe in any form. It goes without saying the bingo sites schedules, calendars and promotional ads are one of the first places one should look for free play events. Online bingo forums are also great resources for finding free play opportunities. The bingo community sticks together and aren’t shy to share so membership of as many of these will ensure you an inside track to the best hints and tips regarding the big free. In turn one should share any juicy bits one digs out with the other members. Apart from all the fun and enjoyment one gets out of free play there are also often some serious prizes on offer which sweetens the deal a whole lot more. These are the real winners and aren’t that frequent so be prepared to work for them. They are well worth the effort though, just imagine coining it big for nothing. It just doesn’t get any better than that.