Chat Games

We offer a veritable cornucopia of bonuses, specials and promotions, games and bling to our members and like a starving man cast before a banquet table it is often difficult to know where to start. One bingo standard that does seem to consistently top the popularity rankings though is the bingo chat game. These games usually enjoy brisk and enthusiastic patronage and regularly feature as top site attractions. So what are these chat games exactly? Basically a chat game is a bingo game that is, usually but not always, run simultaneously to a conventional game in the same room. The main difference between the two being the fact that the chat game is hosted by a live chat host and features the same sort of chat function as any of the live messenger programs. Using this feature allows our chat host to moderate the games and our loyal players to trade encouragement, advice, good natured ribbing and commiseration between themselves during the game.

This makes for a far more interactive game and is a ton of fun to boot. Other than that the games are identical and the progress of play, wins and payouts are exactly the same as any normal game. There are, however, a few basic points that should be kept in mind regarding the types of chat games, their rules and basic etiquette before one wades in and starts chirping. There are several types of chat games all of which have their own play characteristics. These include Trivia chat games that involve the answering of general trivia questions to determine a winner, Buddy chat games that feature game variations such as Up or Down buddies, Birthday Buddies or Alphabet Buddies games and Number chat games which are based on guessing the first out or winning numbers. These are by no means the only types of chat games played and each site will feature their own twists on the concept.

The etiquette of chat games are as important as the table manners that were in force with poker players in the Wild West. Although you are unlikely to get your hide ventilated for any contraventions you will definitely not endear yourself to your fellow players if you engage in rude, abusive or boorish behaviour wile chatting. Not every one in the chat game will be equally gregarious so don’t be pushy if another player is reluctant to spout off. Avoid politics, religion, racial or ethnic issues like the plague and don’t mouth off if you loose or have a problem, rather use the correct channels. If you can get your head around all these points online bingo chat games are the most fun you can have with your clothes on and are sure to become your favourite site features as well.